Meet Our Staff

The experienced staff at NCFMC will to guide you and your partner through the often challenging road of infertility treatment. Our team, like our physicians, are here to provide you with the best possible chance of reaching a successful outcome. Our expert embryologists, certified lab technicians, experienced nurse coordinators, clinical assistants, and administrative personnel provide patients at our Northern California IVF center with the highest level of knowledge regarding the medical and financial aspects of your treatment.

Practice Administrator

Melissa Dillon









Nursing Staff

Courtney, Alyssa, Dottie, Sandra, Susan, Suzanne, Jeanne, Jaime







Clinical Staff

Christina, Shazzara, Crystal, Socorro, Clara, Erica







Administrative Staff

Mai, Ebbie, Chelsea, Jorge, Linda, Racheall







OR Staff

Maya, Claude, Heather, Danielle







Patient Care Coordinators/COH/Donor/Third Party Staff

Ketura, TeAnna, Kristina, Bridgette, Charmagne, Kayla












Financial Department

Mistie Martinez