Fertility Preservation

Cancer fighting treatments, such as chemotherapy and radiation, can cause irreversible fertility problems in patients. Fertility Preservation is a proactive way to ensure the possibility of future pregnancy in recovered patients.

Fertility Preservation

The caring staff of Northern California Fertility Medical Center is committed to educating and assisting cancer patients regarding their fertility preservation options.

Every year over 120,000 reproductive-aged men and women are newly diagnosed with cancer. Great strides in cancer research and treatment will allow many of these patients to survive their disease and live a long and healthy life. However, an unavoidable side effect of potentially life-saving treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation or reproductive tract surgery is often the loss of ovarian or testicular function, leading to infertility.

Fertility Preservation is an emerging field of medicine dedicated to helping these men, women and adolescents protect their fertility prior to cancer treatment.

We work in conjunction with the Lance Armstrong Foundation and Fertile Hope to provide cost effective options for fertility preservation, and to direct patients and their families toward outreach programs to assist them as they deal with their cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Since our beginning in 1992, we have provided sperm banking services for male cancer patients from the Central Valley to the Oregon border. We have recently added sperm banking services for active military members who are preparing for deployment.

We also offer several options for female fertility preservation. IVF with embryo freezing is a well-established option that has provided successful outcomes for decades. Egg freezing, although still considered experimental, is an increasingly successful option for female fertility preservation. NCFMC is one of a few select IVF centers to secure an IRB approved study on egg freezing for future fertility. Advances in Reproductive Medicine have given hope for the long-term reproductive potential of cancer patients. High-profile individuals such as cancer survivor Lance Armstrong, the seven-time Tour de France winner, used fertility preservation to ensure future parenthood.

We care about the quality of life beyond the diagnosis of cancer. Our compassionate staff members understand the concerns of cancer patients and their families, and are eager to work with them to present all available resources prior to cancer treatment. Our staff is here to provide support, education and reassurance 365 days a year. If you are a cancer patient or family member, please call us for information to help you weigh all the options.