Celebrating Father’s Day During Infertility Treatment

father's day

What is there to celebrate on Father’s Day when you aren’t (yet!) a father? Good question. Father’s Day and Mother’s Day – along with every other holiday, baby shower, pregnancy announcement, etc. – are perpetual thorns to the hearts of …


Endometriosis: Facts You Need to Know


What is endometriosis? Endometriosis occurs when the lining of the uterus (endometrium) implants in the pelvis outside of the uterus.  The endometrium is shed each month during the menstrual period and exits the uterus not only via the cervix and …


Free IVF Giveaway 2017

2017 IVF Giveaway

Celebrate National Infertility Awareness Week With a Free IVF Cycle Infertility is a medical condition – often linked to diagnosable diseases – that lurks largely in secretive conversations amongst small family and friend circles. Lack of awareness and public attention …


Why Choose NCFMC as Your Northern California Fertility Clinic?

Sorting through potential fertility centers is a big step, one of the biggest steps you’ll take in your lifetime. Ultimately, it means selecting a partner to accompany you through one of life’s most intimate and tender journeys. Your fertility center, …


5 Habits to Break Before Getting Pregnant

habits to break before pregnancy

Are you planning to get pregnant in the next year or so? It’s time to get that body healthy for baby. Healthy mamas are more likely to get pregnant, carry a baby full-term and give birth to a healthy baby. …